ISOBlue 2.0 Explained (Part 1): CAN Logging

The CAN data logging on ISOBlue 2.0s' is fully automatic. Machine operators need to install ISOBlues once and these little boxes will take care of the logging of CAN streams coming from the tractor and the implement busses. No human intervention needed.

How does everything work under the hood?

DPAC Experiment

On a rather cold, chilly, and windy April afternoon, I drove to [Davis Purdue Agricultural Center (DPAC)][1] along with my colleague, Matt to collect some machine data.

Houston, we have a problem

We have built 5 ISOBlue 2.0s and they are up and running when they need to. Since we are not necessarily product design or mechanical design experts, we try our best to fit ISOBlue inside a weatherproof enclosure with all the connectors and antennas sticking out.

New ISOBlue Site

As you could see, we have made some renovations to the ISOBlue website. Projects like ISOBlue is constantly changing and adapting to the newest and hotest trends in open-source community in terms of Cloud architecture tools, build tools, hardware, etc. It will be helpful for both you and us to get informed with the latest status of ISOBlue.