What is an ISOBlue 2.0?

original isoblue2

The ISOBlue 2.0 device uses the state-of-art powerful hardware and open-source software libraries and tools to build an opportunistic ISOBUS data telematic device for agricultural machinery. It is designed for different machine operation scenarios. The device’s Wake-on-CAN capability means that one could leave the device inside a machine and the device will start collecting data whenever the machine is turned on. All the data are stored locally in ISOBlue 2.0’s 500GB SSD as it provides an apt storage for a whole season of as-applied/harvested machine data. The device uses a 4G/LTE connection for low-latency delievery of collected machine and debug data. Even when the cellular coverage is intermittent in rural areas, the device software is written so that it queues up the unsent data and opportunistically stream the data to a remote Cloud whenenver the network comes back up. The ISOBlue 2.0 device can also be expanded into an ”ag sensor data hub” as various sensors can be plugged into the device’s USB ports, microphone jacks, etc. to collect the data of interest. With the open-source nature of the device’s software, the software development for experimenting new sensors becomes a collabrative and easily-adaptable process.