New ISOBlue Site

As you could see, we have made some renovations to the ISOBlue website. Projects like ISOBlue is constantly changing and adapting to the newest and hotest trends in open-source community in terms of Cloud architecture tools, build tools, hardware, etc. It will be helpful for both you and us to get informed with the latest status of ISOBlue.

The original ISOBlue site was functioning ok but the site was a little outdated and difficult to navigate sometimes. For these reasons, we have picked Facebook's docusaurus as our new site's template. It will be easier for us to create blog posts about our latest status as well as detailed tutorials and build instructions on how to get ISOBlue2 up and running.

We are currently moving our repos and setting up straightforward tutorials for all the ISOBlue followers. It is a rather delayed task but we will try to put them up as soon as possible. At the same time, the old blog posts will be porting over here as well. Stay tuned.